Corporate Report

Corporate Report is a comprehensive profile which includes history, operations, credit trace record, banking relationships, financial condition, public records, and news & current events. Information is gathered through on-site visits, record searches from major credit institutions, industry sources, and from Forbes database of Negative Records.

Employment Verification

Individual Report is a comprehensive information of a person’s identity, background and reputation, business affiliations, assets, financial standing and negative records such as court cases, account referred, watchlist, delinquent and among others.

Credit Information System (CIS)

CIS is an online access to negative records which include listing of court cases, returned checks, watchlist, accounts referred to legal and delinquent subscribers from telecom companies.

Property Appraisal

Property Appraisal is an opinion report based of the fair market value of land, improvements, leasehold, interest, transportation, furniture and fixtures and other equipments. It is duly accomplished by an accredited and licensed appraiser of SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and an engineer. This report is often requested by our clients engaged in insurance, banking and finance, and among others.

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